[ka-Map-users] Newbie question : $szPHPGDModule from config.php

José Vilson de Mello de Farias vilson.farias at digitro.com.br
Fri Oct 13 13:58:42 EDT 2006


  I'm configuring a Ka-Map installation and I have a simple newbie 
question :

Although I compiled my PHP 4.4.4 with GD support, I can't find anything 
like php_gd or gd.so on disk. I read the "Preparing Ka-Map" wiki and it 
says I must configure a variable called $szPHPGDModule, which points to 
gd module for php. What could be the value in my case, since it seems I 
don't have a file to be pointed?

By the way, a phpinfo() execution tells me GD is installed and working.

GD Support 	enabled
GD Version 	2.0 or higher
GIF Read Support 	enabled
GIF Create Support 	enabled
JPG Support 	enabled
PNG Support 	enabled
WBMP Support 	enabled

Thanks in advance and best regards from Brazil.

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