[ka-Map-users] XMLOverlay Multiple Items at Same Point

Wei Yang, Ng - Wayne wayne at datalinktech.com.au
Tue Oct 17 20:40:32 EDT 2006

Hi Jeff,
   You must be referring to a point collision system for kaXmlOverlay. 
The good news is that I have implemented such a feature for 
kaXmlOverlay.js about 2 months ago. This feature works in 
Mozilla/IE/Opera and should work with others too. The bad news is that I 
have yet to merge it with the current release of ka-map in cvs due to 
other commitments and deadlines. Do let me know if you would like a copy 
of my source code and an explanation on how it works. I am currently 
using the overlib javascript library for point popups. These popups 
allow me to list the items within collision points.

Hi Pg,
  I should get cracking on merging my stuff with yours. Do you have an 
existing ka-map demo setup so that we may demonstrate point collision?


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