[ka-Map-users] about mapserver: how get maps?

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Wed Oct 18 22:02:36 EDT 2006


You cannot legally or technically do this using ka-Map.  However, it  
is possible to do it using OpenLayers (www.openlayers.org).  If you  
choose to go the OpenLayers route, you can still use ka-Map to  
generate and cache tiles coming from a mapserver installation.

If you want to use your own maps, there is some free data available  
(vmap0) that goes down to 1:1000000 scale - nothing like Google, though.

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DM Solutions Group sells data packages prepared for MapServer -  
http://maps.dmsolutions.ca/ - these packages will work with ka-Map.

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On 18-Oct-06, at 4:02 PM, Pedrazzi Gelsomini wrote:

> Someone know if it is possible to import / to use Google maps in  
> Mapserver? If it is ok, how do I have to do?
> If it is not possible, where can I find maps of "all the world" to  
> use  with mapserver
> Thanks a lot!!
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> Ilaria Gelsomini
> Francesca Pedrazzi
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