[ka-Map-users] Newbie question : Where should I look for errors

Christopher Brown chris at basebloc.com
Mon Oct 23 19:56:08 EDT 2006

Hi José,


Usually to check for errors the first place to look in ka-map is init.php,
once everything has been configured in config.php, when init.php is run you
should see a chunck of JavaScript code outputted to the screen beginning
with /*init*/ this code is converted to JavaScript using eval(), so check it
for anything that looks out of place or any premature end. But as the map is
being produced but the Keymap is not I doubt the problem is here, this is
more likely a map file problem as this is where the keymap in configured, in
your map file you should have something that looks like the following:



   IMAGE '../htdocs/images/khammouane.png' # The reference image

   SIZE 250 184 # The size of the reference image in pixels

   EXTENT 411265 1852223 662422 2036483 # The extent of the reference image
in map units


  COLOR -1 -1 -1

  OUTLINECOLOR 255 0 0     



For debugging JavaScript if you have been making any alterations to the code
the easiest way is Firefox JavaScript console, you can find it in the tools





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