[ka-Map-users] 2 Problems

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Wed Sep 6 12:43:29 EDT 2006

Hi Shaidul,

> (a) I am also facing the same problem of  Wesley Mota Araújo with  
> ka-map-1.0 beta. Recently I have configured a server with apache  
> version 2.2.2 (previous one was apache-1.3.6). kaExplorer is  
> showing all except the map. I checked the problem with firefox  
> (page info -> media) and it showed tile size 0px X 0px. The apache  
> server is running by daemon and folder in tmp directory for cache  
> is creating by daemon also.

this part is much more delicate. Which server do you use? is  
mapserver working fine alone? have you done all troubleshooting steps?

> (b) In IE6, when I click Info or Help button in  kaExplorer, it  
> creates  another window below the viewport having scroll bar in the  
> viewport.

this point is maybe simpler to answer.
look here:
is this problem happening in this site too?

if yes, this is my mistake.   :-)   I'll have to clean it up.
If not, it means that's related at ka-map/mapscript not working so  
same as point (a).


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