[ka-Map-users] precache2.php

Jeff Dege jdege at korterra.com
Fri Sep 8 16:49:23 EDT 2006

I've just upgraded to 1.0.b1, and I'm trying to pre-generate the cache.

(I'd  been working with 0.2, and that lacked precache.php and

precache.php fails:

  $php precache.php -f -s arkansas -s 2000000

  Warning: [MapServer Error]: msProcessProjection(): No such file or
  in E:\ms4w\apps\ka-map-1.0.b1\htdocs\precache.php on line 84

  Warning: Failed to open map file /ms4w/apps/arkansas/arkansas.map in 
  E:\ms4w\apps\ka-map-1.0.b1\htdocs\precache.php on line 84

  Fatal error: Call to a member function getAllGroupNames() on a
non-object in 
  E:\ms4w\apps\ka-map-1.0.b1\htdocs\precache.php on line 92

"/ms4w/apps/arkansas/arkansas.map" is the value in my
include/config.php, so that's being read properly.  And when I view the
maps via the web browser, they show up fine (if a little slow because
they haven't been cached, yet.)

No idea why precache.php can't read the map file.

So I tried precache2.php.

That crashes.

Stuck in some print-line-numbers, and it's crashing on this, around line

  /* create the main cache directory if necessary */

$szBaseWebCache is commented out, in config.php.

If it's necessary to set it, wouldn't it be nice if it said so, instead
of simply crashing?

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