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Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com
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I'm trying to add data to my map dynamically, based on a file that the
user will upload.  Following Lorenzo's advice, included below, I've
decided to use the PHP/MapScript methods to add a new layer to the
mapfile and then store the users information there.

Here is the problem:

 * - the example that uses these methods included with the ka-Map files
(index_overlay.html) does not work -- it balks saying "Error while
parsing the document", which is I think is the KML file but I cannot be

 * - Where should I add the code to modify the mapfile on start-up,
since this is when the user will have uploaded their data.   I've tried
adding the code to the init.php and tile.php files, but they don't do a

Thank you for any guidance you can provide on this matter -- as it's
really starting to wear me down.


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>  - Add a new layer dynamically (ms_newLayerObj) and then add the users

> data to that?  I believe I will still have to ensure this layer gets 
> passed to "Save as" functions.

Hi Daniel,
I think this is the best solution.

hack print_map.php and you should get what you expect

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