[ka-Map-users] specifying mapfile on the fly

Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com
Tue Apr 10 11:55:27 EDT 2007

Attempting to do the same thing myself right now -- will let you know if
I ever figure it out.....
As it stands, at least as far as I can tell, the "config.php" file holds
the keys for all mapfile reading.  Anytime there is a need to load the
mapfile, it is called from there.
There is an example included with ka-Map 1.0 that somewhat does this,
but it doesn't work.  The main file is "index_overlay.html", and it
calls "XMLOverlay\overlay.php" to read in some KML code to create a new
mapfile based on the KML data.
I've got my ka-Map application reading in dynamic data and creating a
new .map file based on it, but cannot figure out where to store that
file so the application always reads it instead of what is found in
Hopefully the list guru's will answer our questions soon.    Good luck
w/ your quest.


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Hello Geo-ntlemen,

Any idea how to specify a mapfile on the file in kamap?
If yes, could you please share you knowledge with me please?

Thank you verrry much,


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