[ka-Map-users] Problem between ka-Map and personal PHP5 version

Jean-Daniel Gonon jdgonon at gi-lemans.com
Thu Apr 19 06:02:30 EDT 2007


I have problem between ka-Map-1.0 (2007/01/23) and my personal php5 
version : ka-Map runs, but doesn't display the map.

With the PHP5 included in Apache Server in MS4W directory, there is no 

I have to use personal PHP version because, later, I will use a personal 
version of php_mapscript DLL (php_mapscript_4.8.1_512.dll) instead of 
php_mapscript_4.10.0.dll .
To do this, I have a d:\php\php5 directory with php-cgi.exe , all DLL 
files and extensions.

ka-Map runs under MS Windows Server 2003 (Standard Edition, SP1) with 
Internet Information Services IIS v6.0.

Does anyone has an idea to use ka-Map with personnal PHP5 version ?

Thank you for your help

Jean-Daniel Gonon
(France. Sorry for my english, I am bad)
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