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I'm a little confused about what you say.  Do you mean when i click one
point , it's just ask for a query?

because i think query is just i type in some word, and then something happen
to look up in some tables.

I look through your suggestion and the URL you gave me , but found no
example as i asked.

i think it's very popular application , maybe someone has realized before.
I'm a beginner, so maybe i misunderstand what you say.

2007/8/5, Victor <bobbie at ua.fm>:
> > how to realize such effect. i add some point data, and when i click one
> > point , it's open a new windows do some work(show a image, or execute a
> > python script
> Greetings Stin,
> what you are asking for, sounds very similar as the Query system described
> on the
> ka-Map WIki:
> http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/wiki/index.php/Query
> Basically speaking, you should redefine the myQuery function in the
> startUp.js file
> (either tools/kaExplorer or in the aqua UI).
> Then, it is possible to use PostGIS functions to locate the point of the
> layer nearch
> which the mouse was clicked.
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