[ka-Map-users] ka-Map on JSF framework

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sun Aug 19 10:36:59 EDT 2007


ka-Map has a dedicated PHP backend at this time, although I know that  
it has been ported to Ruby and Perl (and possibly others).  If you  
want a pure java implementation, you would port config.php, init.php  
and tile.php to use the java scripting API of mapserver.

Its possible, but probably not trivial.  It might be easier to start  
with OpenLayers (www.openlayers.org), set up a WMS server using  
MapServer, and add TileCache (http://www.tilecache.org) to make it  
all more efficient.



On 19-Aug-07, at 12:45 AM, Pedro Ilustreto Publico wrote:

> good day everyone!
> i'm planning to create a web application on map-transport routing  
> using JSF as my framework and JSP pages for my application views.
> can i used ka-Map and/or MapServer to support the views of my maps 
> (vector data)?
> If not, what other map tools that can work on JSF framework can I  
> used?
> thank you in advanced
>   -kitong
> P.S.
> sorry for my 'so-newbie' questions and for my 'bad English'
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