[ka-Map-users] Performance problems

Pje pjebra at gmail.com
Mon Feb 5 07:53:01 EST 2007


I am having some problems with two layers that use tile_source "nocache".

I am using it because these layers are respectively points sent by fishing
vessels and areas. These points are sent at 5min intervals and the areas are
inserted by the user. So, *i think* i can't use cache in this case.

The problem is that the map is taking too much time to load. The points
table in the database have 18.000 registers... and there will be a lot more.
And there is about 18 areas.

Also, I am using variable substitution in mapfile. My points layer is
something like that:

    name "track"
    group "Track"
    connectiontype POSTGIS
    connection "dbname=xxx user=xxx password=xxx host=xxx port=5432"
    data "%data%"
    type line
    status on
        tile_source "nocache"
        name "track"
        color 0 0 0

When the user select some vessel, I do that using javascript:

var map = myKaMap.getCurrentMap();
var track = mapa.getLayer('track');
track.replacementVariables = {vessel: id_vessel};

The areas layer is using the same logic.

So, there is a way to achieve that but with better perfomance? The
performance was ok before I add these two layers. Any tips?
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