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Davide info at e-moz.it
Thu Feb 22 08:57:18 EST 2007

Hi Lorenzo,
	thanks for your answer. I'll try to test and study your smooth
zoom function. 
Another little question: is possible to make blinking shape separately
on a layer? 
I've solved this problem making a shape for each layer and hiding e
showing the layer with e javascript setinterval function, but the result
is ugly because the tile renderering of the map become heavy.
I'd like to make all shapes on one layer and select the blinking one
each time.

Thanks a lot

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> Hi everyone,
>       I'd like to integrate in my ka-map project a smooth zoom effect
> like google maps.
> Where could I download some code examples?
> I've found a live example at
> http://www.ominiverdi.org/ka-map/temp/gonfi-ka-map/htdocs/
> Thanks a lot
> Davide

Hi Davide,
that example is unstable.
Me and Andrea worked on it few month ago but we didn't like the result.
you can naturally download the kaMap.js file where those zoom functions 
are implemented.
If you want to enhance it you are welcome.

btw we will soon integrate Open Layers inside ka-Map and a nice smooth 
zoom function for OL has been recently developed by  Emanuel Schütze:

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