[ka-Map-users] Making multi-lingual map (beginner)

First Name) (Last Name senorsaru at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 13 13:47:46 EDT 2007

Hi ka-Mappers,

I need to make a world map that can be viewed in any
of 7 languages, specifically Arabic, Chinese, English,
French, Portugese, Russian, and Spanish.  When you
select a language from a combo box, the place names in
the map will switch to the other language.  We have
people who can translate the place names, but I'm in
need of a couple pointers.  Although I am a
programmer, I've never done a GIS project before.  I
got ka-Map working on my machine with the sample data
and I've worked through some of the tutorials online. 
But, I have a couple questions remaining.

1. Where do the labels live?  Are they part of the
shapefile, in the same layer as the geography?  How
could I change them?

2. Can you recommend a source of world map data?  All
we really need are country outlines/polygons, country
labels, capitals, and major cities.  Major
rivers/mountains would be very helpful.  We previously
purchased an Illustrator file that would be perfect,
but I guess we would be better of using SHP data,

3. Have you seen anything like this before?  Does
ka-Map/MapServer sound like the right tool for the

Any help you could offer would be most appreciative. 
I've tried to keep this message brief/readable, but
I'll be happy to provide any details I might have left



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