[ka-Map-users] Making multi-lingual map (beginner)

Jithesh Joseph jithesh_joseph at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 00:01:17 EDT 2007

Hello Alex,

You can store the data in SHP files.

Absolutely, Ka-map is a good tool for creating such an application.

You don't need to have separate shp files for storing the GIS data. You may store the labels for different languages in different fields of your data file. Also, you may create different mapfiles for different languages or dynamically change the LABELITEM of the mapfile using mapscript.



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Hi ka-Mappers,

I need to make a world map that can be viewed in any
of 7 languages, specifically Arabic, Chinese, English,
French, Portugese, Russian, and Spanish.  When you
select a language from a combo box, the place names in
the map will switch to the other language.  We have
people who can translate the place names, but I'm in
need of a couple pointers.  Although I am a
programmer, I've never done a GIS project before.  I
got ka-Map working on my machine with the sample data
and I've worked through some of the tutorials online. 
But, I have a couple questions remaining.

1. Where do the labels live?  Are they part of the
shapefile, in the same layer as the geography?  How
could I change them?

2. Can you recommend a source of world map data?  All
we really need are country outlines/polygons, country
labels, capitals, and major cities.  Major
rivers/mountains would be very helpful.  We previously
purchased an Illustrator file that would be perfect,
but I guess we would be better of using SHP data,

3. Have you seen anything like this before?  Does
ka-Map/MapServer sound like the right tool for the

Any help you could offer would be most appreciative. 
I've tried to keep this message brief/readable, but
I'll be happy to provide any details I might have left



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