[ka-Map-users] How to include copyright notices

Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Fri Jun 15 13:00:50 EDT 2007

> Dear ka-mappers,
> I'm busy creating a ka-map based web application with soil maps of rwanda
> (sneak preview at http://zadeh.ugent.be/rwanda ).
> I was wondering if there are any rules on how the copyright notices 
> (eg the
> info_no_html.html page) have to be included in derived websites. I 
> have now
> removed them and added links to ka-map on a few key locations (help page,
> copyright page with info on the shown maps), but I was unsure if this fits
> the copyright requirements. Is it ok only to link to ka-map instead of 
> full
> copyright texts?
As you can read, ka-Map license is a  MIT license:


MIT license is a BSD alike license and, more or less, means: do what you 
want with
that software, if you have problems with it they are "your" problems.

So there's no need to leave that license disclaimer, you can change the 
User Interface as you prefer.


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