[ka-Map-users] GROUP in a layer in mapfile prevents the map loading

Jean-Daniel Gonon jdgonon at gi-lemans.com
Tue Jun 26 09:01:57 EDT 2007


Is what somebody can help me ?

I am integrating ka-map in an application derived of MAPSERVER.

But in my application, I have a problem : when I add GROUP in a layer in 
mapfile, none layer is loaded because 
"$oMap->getLayersIndexByGroup($groupName)" function (in "/init.php" 
file) doesn't know the layer index (and kamap stops all).

Without GROUP or with "__base__" GROUP in layer in mapfile, there is 
none problem in the application.

Is what the display of all differents GROUPS on the map depends on 
graphics components between <div id=" ">....</div> ?

Thanck you

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