[ka-Map-users] automatic Vehicle tracking application (AVL)

Gaston Izaguirre gizagui at fi.uba.ar
Fri Mar 2 16:43:43 EST 2007

Hi list,

I have made a similar post to other lists regarding mapserver.

I have the following situation, I want to implement an online automatic 
vehicle tracking application (AVL). I have vector maps and real time GPS 
data in a database. I need to monitor about 300 vehicles and have the 
possibility to query some information about each one, e.g. velocity, 
direction, and also about the map, e.g. the name of the street where the 
vehicle is circulating, etc.

In your experience, is ka-map a suitable tool for implementing this stuff?
Somebody has developed a similar application with ka-map?
Do You know some online application that makes similar tasks to take some 
ideas from it?

Thank you in advance,


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