[ka-Map-users] WFS and WMS

stefyp72 at libero.it stefyp72 at libero.it
Tue Mar 6 09:25:58 EST 2007

Hi all,
to resolve the problem about loading WFS service,
I've updated my system with Mapserver 2.2.3 (because it is necessary PHP5 with DomDocument), and I've found in the file reproj.php the code

if (!extension_loaded('MapScript')){
    dl( "php_mapscript.so" );

that I've changed (in WindowsXP) with

if (!extension_loaded('MapScript')) {
    dl( $szPHPMapScriptModule );

But now I have another question:
how can I use WMS layers? Using the code index_wms.html, I don't know what is the szName and server to insert into the function

_wmsLayer(szName, bVisible, opacity, imageformat, bQueryable, 
                     server, version, layers, srs).

And also is there a better way to include WMS layers in my application?

Stefania Pappagallo

stefyp72 at libero.it

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