[ka-Map-users] Think There is a bug in map_query_float.php

Stéphane RIFF stephane.riff at cerene.fr
Thu Mar 8 10:56:37 EST 2007


I think I found a little bug in the map_query_float.php :

If there are more than one layer queryed there is an error in rendering 
the second one results.

The problem come from map_query_float.php line 227 ($oResultCache = 

For the first layer it works because $a is undefined but for the other 
ones $a is the to numresult-1 of the first layer.
So for the second layer $oResultCache = $oLayer->getResult($a); can 
return FALSE

The workaround I found is to replace line 227 ($oResultCache = 
$oLayer->getResult($a);) in map_query_float.php by :

$oResultCache = $oLayer->getResult(0);

It seems to work for me, maybe it's a bad workaround let me know about this.

Sorry for my bad english but I hope it's understandable.


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