[ka-Map-users] white screen

Norbert Billet billet at cebc.cnrs.fr
Thu Mar 15 05:51:23 EST 2007

Hi ka-map users,

I try to use mapserver in a web server context. I try 2 interfaces :
ka-map and p.mapper.
With twice i have the same problem : no map images are displayed.

Here my configuration :

a Debian "stable" server, with :

apache 2.2.4
PHP 5.2.0
Proj 4.5.0
Geo 3.0.0rc3
Gdal 1.4.0
MapServer 4.10.0

All of this applications/libraries are hand compiled (src => ./configure
& make ) without problem and each one was tested and work.

I've download both last K-map and last p.mapper web interfaces

when I try to use the mapserver tool shp2img to proceed a .map file, the
result is correct and create a good .PNG picture.

With each web interface, the interface is correctly displayed
(icons, ...) but no map are visible. When I look on temporary folder
where pictures from the map are stored it's ok, images are correct.
If I look on the apache and PHP error log file, no error are reporting.

My question is : can I have the certitude with the shp2img test that the
Mapserver configuration is correct ?

Where I must have a look to detect the origin of my problem ?

Do you have an idea ?

thanks !


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