[ka-Map-users] karouting doesn't work!!

Pranjal Karwal pranjal_24 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 18 13:27:04 EST 2007

hi i performed all the steps given in


and since karouting requires pgRouting library i performed all the steps given here: 
everything was installed properly. [system amd64, ubuntu 6.10 x86 not 64]

but i've not been able to understand which mapfiles to include in both the paths of config.routing.dist.php

when i type http://localhost:8080/kamap in my browser,
i see blinking tiles, and then suddenly "done" comes up in the statusbar of firefox

when i check the kacache folder, i found out  several images were made but they were blank images except one scalebar image which actually had the scalebar, rest were totally blank.

what is the right method to perform routing?


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