[ka-Map-users] Best Method to Overlay User Data

Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com Daniel.Huber at ch2m.com
Tue Mar 20 14:50:06 EST 2007

I'm setting up an application that will allow the users to "upload" data
to display on the map.  I am able to do this now using the kaXMLOverlay
functions, but I would also like to allow the users to "Save" their
current map view using the methods included in the ka-Map example.
Unfortunately, those "Save as"  methods do not include data not in the
So, what is the best method to do this? 
 - Use the existing kaXmlOverlay routines and hack the "Save as"
functions to include that data?
 - Add a new layer dynamically (ms_newLayerObj) and then add the users
data to that?  I believe I will still have to ensure this layer gets
passed to "Save as" functions.
 -  Any others?
Requirements for the system are:
  - users uploaded data needs to be saved as an image or PDF
  - the users data can only be available in their session, and cannot be
saved on the server for others to see.
Thanks in advance for any ideas you may have,
Daniel Huber
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