[ka-Map-users] I found ka-map is faster in firefox than IE6 and why?And does ka-map merge openlayer?

Paul Spencer pspencer at dmsolutions.ca
Sat Mar 24 15:35:25 EST 2007


technically, they should be roughly equivalent.  However, here are  
some reasons (outside of ka-Map) why FireFox may appear to be faster  
than IE:

* number of simultaneous connections.  ka-Map loads many images from  
the same server ... browsers limit to 2 or 4 simultaneous  
connections, which means that the images load sequentially rather  
than simultaneous.  I believe FireFox has a higher default than IE,  
and so the tiles would appear to load faster.

* efficiency of the javascript engine.  FireFox is much better and  
avoiding memory leaks than IE and, over time, IE appears to slow down  
as it consumes more and more memory.



On 24-Mar-07, at 12:39 PM, youmapx wrote:

> why ka-map is faster in firefox than IE6,and in IE6 is slow.And  
> does ka-map mergewith openlayer ? I like ka-map very much,and use  
> it for a long time,it is very good.
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