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I didn't quite follow all your questions, so if the following answers  
don't fit your questions, please ask again in a different way :)

You can use IIS as your web server.  You will need to configure PHP  
with IIS and set it up correctly.  If you have problems with this,  
check the PHP site.

MapServer runs with any web server.  It is typically used with Apache  
because Apache will work on any platform and is open source friendly.

ka-Map is a javascript client that helps you build mapping  
applications of a particular type, i.e. like Google.  It has a server- 
side dependency on MapServer to draw the tiles it needs to display  
the map.  Specifically, it needs the PHP extensions to MapServer,  

The things you need are:

* a web server
* php, correctly configured for your web server
* php_mapscript, correctly configured for your php
* ka-Map, correctly configured to load your php_mapscript
* a MAP file for mapserver that controls how the map will be drawn
* some data to draw.



On 27-Mar-07, at 12:05 PM, sahar AMM wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I have Graduation project which is (web based map system using  
> AJAX), and I'm using ka-map on it.
> I need answers on the following questions:
> Do I have to have a map server only? is it sufficient to have the  
> mapserver runnimg to run KA-MAP?
> What is the Relationship between KA-MAP and MAP SERVER??
> Why does map server run Apache?
> Can I use Microsoft IIS instead to have a server feature on my PC?
> please anser me as soon as possible, Thank you,
> Sahar
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