[ka-Map-users] arcsde query and search fails

János Gonzales janos.gonzales at gmail.com
Fri May 25 15:34:19 EDT 2007


I have two kamap  maps. One has a shapefile source the other  has
layers coming from ArcSDE.     In the shapefile application, I'm able
to query and search the map without any problems and use the
index_query.html template to create a highlight overlay of the
selected item.

In the ArcSDE map, which is identical to the first map, except the
data source is from arcsde, the search function does not work at all.
It brings up no results.  The highlighting doesn't work at all, and
the query function just works intermitently.  Queries on one layer
work fine,  but on two layers they always give errors like:

Fatal error: [MapServer Error]: msSDELayerGetShape():
SE_stream_fetch_row(): Invalid parameter value passed to function.
(-66) in C:\ArcIMS\Website\kamap\htdocs\map_query_float.php on line

By 'query' i mean using the little i  tool.

Is this a kamap problem or a configuration problem ?


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