[ka-Map-users] Question about xmlOverlay

Stéphane RIFF stephane.riff at cerene.fr
Tue Nov 6 08:38:17 EST 2007


I have a kaXmlOverlay with some large polygon.
Everything is ok but as I zoom in the polygon image get bigger and 
bigger. It's normal but when the image is too big (for me 13000*13000 
pixel) the browser eat the ram (~900 Mo) and my application become very 
So my question is : Does someone have implement a solution to prevent this ?

The best solution would be to tile big overlay objects but I don't know 
how to do this :(

The idea I have is to forbid the drawing of too big overlay objects, I 
can do this in the drawgeom.php file but the label still appears so I 
have to find a solution to tell kaxmloverlay that the object is not 
drawn ...

If someone can point me to a solution he is wellcome.

Best regards

Stéphane RIFF
stephane.riff at cerene.fr

3, rue Archimède
10600 La Chapelle-Saint-Luc - France
Tel : 33 (0)3 25 74 11 78
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