[ka-Map-users] Architectural questions.

The Bun rosario.carbone at ipl.com
Wed Nov 7 07:34:08 EST 2007

>OpenLayers is arguably better depending on what you think better is.   
>kaMap certainly isn't as configurable, and you cannot include other   
>data sources easily.  On the other hand, it is probably a little   
>easier to get started with and perhaps a bit lighter in the browser. 

I think as "better" mainly the drawing speed: Panning, Zooming, caching etc.
But "better" is also a rich and working client API as well. I may need more
functionalities like for example, adding features, showing info windows,
handling events on the map and the features, run searches 
on the layers etc.

My datasources will be at the beginning ESRI: ArcSDE and/or shapefiles plus
rasters, but it is possible in the future I'll need to implement other
datasources: MapInfo, SDO, WMS etc. 
But I don't understand why I should worry about datasources? Do you mean
"datasource" as application server? I am happy with MapServer for now, my
doubts are mainly on the client.

>If you are looking for a Google-like replacement, OL has much more to   
>offer.  If you are looking for a really basic tiled map engine that   
>you can build on (and are willing to read the code to learn) then   
>kaMap might do the trick. 

Yes, I need to replace a Google implementation but I don't need to implement
exactly the same way and
I want something more clever than Google although not nice looking like
Google. The fact the map has to be tiled and having a caching mechanism,
plus a smooth panning and zooming etc this is the main prerequisite, the
client definitely needs to be AJAX based,  but I'd like at the same time a
rich, robust and reliable API. I have no problem to collaborate in coding
and help, although my JavaScript skills are not excellent, I just would like
to know opinions from you guys.

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