[ka-Map-users] Architectural questions.

The Bun rosario.carbone at ipl.com
Fri Nov 9 04:48:10 EST 2007

> there is a substantial, and growing, set of documentation for  
> OpenLayers so I am surprised by your statement that there is not much  
> around.  There is also a substantial set of examples, and an active  
> user community that is very responsive.

Hi Paul, maybe I haven't searched very well the documentation, I'dd
certainly do it. I'll test the community very soon.

> I would highly recommend using a tile source that provides caching -  
> using either ka-Map's tile.php or TileCache.  If you are only getting  
> tiles from MapServer then WMS doesn't provide any advantage and both  
> will be relatively slow.

As I said I have tested only wms with no caching layer yet. Yes I'll
definitely try TileCache, I actually tried yesterday but I couldn't go
further the "pink tiles" stage, I'll have a go again today.

> I would be quite surprised if OpenLayers were significantly slower  
> (if not faster) than any equivalent.  It is possible, because of the  
> amount of code and the architecture, that OL is slightly slower at  
> some things than ka-Map might be.

Well again, a proper comparison may be done when I have tested with a
caching mechanism, at this stage I compared a kaMap prototype with a wms no
cached OL so regarding my "slow" OL statement it has been  probably
premature. I need more tests for a full comparison. I'll let you know.

Cheers Rosario
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