[ka-Map-users] Redraw a single layer

Luca Casagrande luca.casagrande at gmail.com
Sun Nov 11 16:49:03 EST 2007

Hi Sam,

the reload(true) didn't worked. :( I thought that setting the layer to
NOCACHE and calling the layer.redraw() function just after the
successfully ajax calling for the new point, would be the right way.

Right now i realized that i should clear also the browser cache, so i
need more time to focus on this problem..



Il giorno ven, 09/11/2007 alle 14.47 -0800, Samuel Hiatt ha scritto:
> I wonder if the 'refresh_interval' metadata tag would fix the problem.
>  Probably not, because it is done on a timed interval... but you might
> look into what property this tag sets to make the browser refresh the
> layer.
> I just did a search for "force broswer refresh" and came up with some
> interesting stuff...  looks like something like
> thenewlayer.domObj.reload(true); might do the trick.  I bet
> "refresh_interval" does a setTimeout to force a refresh at an
> interval.
> Does this help you at all?
> Sam

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