[ka-Map-users] Precache issue

Fabian Rami fabian.rami at wowcompany.com
Mon Nov 26 04:13:38 EST 2007

Hi All,

I am trying to generate all the tile for Europe.

I start from the whole Europe view ( scale 65 )
and i go to street level ( scale 0.03 )

Precache hang up the server after few hours....
I don't know why.

I use the lastest precache , precache2 and tile file.
I am running under PHP 5.2.4 with mapserver 4.10.2

I run under windows 2003 server up to date.

I have the same issue under apache 2.0 or IIS 6

The only thing i notice it is with precache2.php where i see the size of 
the used ram growing.

If you want more details please ask.

Thanks for your time and your help.

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