[ka-Map-users] Can someone help please? Aiutoooo!

The Bun rosario.carbone at ipl.com
Wed Oct 10 04:54:38 EDT 2007

Johan Van de Wauw wrote:
> On 10/9/07, The Bun <rosario.carbone at ipl.com> wrote:
>> The Bun wrote:
>> >
>> > Hi
>> > Could someone please be so kind to explain how to remove a layer (a
>> vector
>> > one for example "Park") from the ms4w ka-map demo? Seems that removing
>> > from the map file and restarting Apache is not enough, is there any
>> cache
>> > to clean? Also it seems that in the ..\data folder no actual data is
>> > really necessary and in the gmap75.map file the only layer necessary is
>> > the raster one .... I am missing something.
>> >
>> > Sorry I posted a similar message on the MapServer forum but I have just
>> > realized that the best place to post this message is here.
>> >
>> > I am testing MapServer and ka-Map as alternative to Google Maps, but
>> after
>> > I have enjoyed first day running the demo seems I am not able to
>> carrying
>> > on .... for my team is essential to understand how to change, remove,
>> add
>> > vector layers statically and dinamically from the map.
>> >
>> > Any help would be very appreciated.
>> >
>> > Kind Reagards
>> > Rosario Carbone
>> >
>> > Aiuto
>> >
>> I have done further investigation, in order to upgrade the map using
>> ka-map
>> you need to follow the next steps:
>> 1)      Stop Apache.
>> 2)      Change the mapfile.
>> 3)      Clean the cache on the server (ie C:\ms4w\tmp\ms_tmp\kacache).
>> 4)      Start Apache.
> There's no need to restart apache. Just clean the cache after changing
> the mapfile.
>> These steps are necessary for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer, but
>> for
>> IE you need an extra step you need to clean "Temporary Internet Files"
>> from
>> IE --> Tools --> Internet Options etc, this step needs to be done between
>> 1)
>> and 4) I don't understand why but definitely need to be done.
> It should be done after cleaning the cache on the server.
> Why? Otherwise you download the files from the server-cache again.
>> IE Temporary Internet Files contains copy of files like imagesi, media
>> etc
>> which are stored in C:\Document and Setting e blah blah blah for
>> improving
>> performances in the browser, bu the browser should understand when the
>> page
>> is changed (though I think the problem is only in the tiled images) and
>> if
>> changed upgrade it.
>> Unfortunately the way it is ka-map is not usable for IE. To be honest I
>> don't know if there is a bug in the API, in the back-end code or there is
>> a
>> limit in IE .... I am not a web developer and I haven't done
>> investigations
>> in that sense.
> This is actually a bug in IE, because the must-revalidate is marked in
> the headers, and IE ignores this.
> But in fact I don't really see why this would be a problem for using
> IE with ka-map. It may be a nuisance during development, but it does
> make sence once your application is finished: caching is one of the
> main reasons why ka-map is so fast. And if you change your mapfile?
> Just load it under a different name in ka-map.
>> If anybody know a little bit more it would be appreciated .....
>> :-P
>> Regards
>> Rosario
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I don't understand but for some reason my reply is not gone .... is it still
pending? Essentially two things, is there a work around for IE in order to
avoid the bug regarding the "must-revalidate" in the header?

I am not sure I quite understand with the fact that for IE it is a nuisance
just for the development and not for the deployment. Johan, what do you
actually mean with loading under a different name in ka-map? Do you mean a
different alias? If you refer to the alias this can be good for the
development not certain for the deplyment.

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