[ka-Map-users] Re: scaled image\icon overlay

neuhausr at bitstream.net neuhausr at bitstream.net
Thu Oct 18 12:51:14 EDT 2007

If your image is georeferenced, you can just make it a layer in mapserver
and it will automatically scale and be in the right place.  The most
common way to do this is with a TIFF, and an accompanying World (.wld)
file.  There's a brief explanation here:

GDAL is an open source library which may help you get info on and modify
your images.  It's website is http://www.gdal.org/index.html, and it's
easily available with FWTools http://fwtools.maptools.org/

You could also set up the airport image as a WMS you serve yourself from a
separate mapfile, and overlay it in kamap as a WMS layer.

Hope this may help!

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> I guess I could create separate sized images, one for each zoom level, and
> overlay a particular once based on the zoom level. That would kind of be a
> lot of work but I suppose that would work.
> Or maybe I can just use javascript to stretch or shrink the image based on
> zoom level.
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> Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2007 09:45:05 -0600
> Subject: [ka-Map-users] scaled image\icon overlay
> I see from the docs that only line and polygon overlays are scaled to the
> map. Is there a way to scale an image or an icon overlay to the map? I
> realize this is basically what mapserver does, but I would like to do this
> through ka-map so I can have better control over when\whether the image is
> displayed.
> For example, I would like to put an overlay image of an airport over the
> place on the map where the airport is, and then when you zoom in and out,
> the image of the airport overlays also zooms in and out.  The image of the
> airport will change often and often won't even be displayed. I don't want
> to put the airport image on the map tile itself because then I would have
> to set the caching of ka-Map so some low duration, but I still wouldn't be
> able to control exactly when the airport image changes in the browser.
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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