[ka-Map-users] Overlay mouse handler implementation

Stéphane RIFF stephane.riff at cerene.fr
Wed Oct 24 09:01:36 EDT 2007

Hi every one,

I have implement a simple overlay mouse event handler.
I send you the code and hope it can help someone.
Here is how it works. You can add to your xml definition in the "point" 
element three new attributes "onclik, onmouseover, onmouseout" :

<point id="the_id"  x="x" y="y" redraw="true" onclick="pclick" 
onmouseover="pover" onmouseout="pout">

the pclick, pover and pout are your own functions names that take the 
pid for argument

example :
function pclick (pid) {

Here is the modification I add :

Modify the kaXmlOverlay.js file like this :
(the line starts with "++" are the ones I add)

kaXmlPoint.prototype.parse = function(point_element) {

    var i;
    var x = parseFloat(point_element.getAttribute("x"));
    var y = parseFloat(point_element.getAttribute("y"));
    var redraw_a = point_element.getAttribute("redraw");
    var redraw = false;
    if (redraw_a == "true")    redraw = true;
++    var point_id = this.pid;
++    var clickHandler = point_element.getAttribute("onclick");
++    if(clickHandler) {
++      this.div.onclick = function () { 
eval(clickHandler+"(\""+point_id+"\");"); };
++    }
++    var overHandler = point_element.getAttribute("onmouseover");
++    if(overHandler)
++      this.div.onmouseover = function () { 
eval(overHandler+"(\""+point_id+"\");"); };
++    var outHandler = point_element.getAttribute("onmouseout");
++    if(outHandler)
++      this.div.onmouseout = function () { 
eval(outHandler+"(\""+point_id+"\");"); };
    if (!this.shown) {
        this.shown = true;
    } else {

I hope it's clear and it can help somebody.
It's good for and seems to works well.

I can answer some questions if you needs


Stéphane RIFF
stephane.riff at cerene.fr

3, rue Archimède
10600 La Chapelle-Saint-Luc - France
Tel : 33 (0)3 25 74 11 78
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