[ka-Map-users] Mapscript Okay in MapServer, Breaks kaMap

C.C. Miller ccmiller at purdue.edu
Wed Sep 5 11:47:55 EDT 2007

Zak, thanks. I responded to this on July 13th but I don't see it in  
the archives. Reply reproduced here:

Here's the relevant section of the .map file as it sits statically on  
  GROUP 'Vulcan Grids'
  NAME '10k Grid'
  TEMPLATE 'County_query.html'
CONNECTION "host=localhost dbname=test user=xxxx password=xxxx  
DATA "the_geom from (select the_geom,i,j,icell,jcell,val,log(val) as  
lgval from vulcan.k10m inner join vulcan.baj_area_2002 on  
(k10m.i=baj_area_2002.icell) and (k10m.j=baj_area_2002.jcell) where  
val>0) as foo using unique the_geom"
  TYPE Polygon
  LABELITEM 'lgval'


   WMS_SRS  "epsg:4326"
   "queryable" "false"
   "searchfield" "lgval"
   "fields" "lgval:Value"

END ###metadata

END ###layer

And then the piece of mapscript that alters it...

$queryFull = 'the_geom from (select the_geom,i,j,icell,jcell,val,log 
(val) as lgval from vulcan.k10m inner join vulcan.'.$qtable.' on  
(k10m.i='.$qtable.'.icell) and (k10m.j='.$qtable.'.jcell) where  
val>0) as foo using unique the_geom';

$map = ms_newMapObj($map_path."vulcanDuo.map");
$map->setSize($isize, $jsize); //override image size
$layer=$map->getLayerByName("10k Grid");

//new class
$cl1 = ms_newClassObj($layer);
$cl1->set('name', 'V Class');
$cl1->setExpression('([lgval] >= 0)');
//new style
$st1 = ms_newStyleObj($cl1);
//make pretty colors
$st1->set('antialias', 'true');
$st1->set('width', '1');

And nothing else, so far as I can tell, is relevant.

On Jul 13, 2007, at 1:36 PM, Zak James wrote:

> ka-Map makes some changes to the state of mapfiles as they are loaded
> so it is possible those modifications aren't mixing well with your
> own. Can you post what changes you're trying to apply?
> zak
> On 7/13/07, C.C. Miller <ccmiller at purdue.edu> wrote:
>> I have no problem changing .map file elements on the fly with php  
>> mapscript,
>> including CLASS and STYLE tags and even the DATA query of a  
>> postgis db.
>> MapServer will make the proper adjustments to the .map file and  
>> spit out an
>> image that is changed as such. I'm also able to render a proper- 
>> looking
>> image with shp2img on a copy of the mapfile, also changed as such  
>> (that is,
>> I have the mapscript-generated .map saving out as a file that I  
>> then use as
>> an input parameter to shp2img). My problem comes when I do this  
>> from within
>> kaMap, where the only layer that won't be rendered into the tile  
>> cache is
>> the one I'm changing with Mapscript. The tiles get generated, of  
>> course, but
>> they're blank.
>> Can anybody think off-hand what I'm doing wrong or how to get  
>> around this so
>> that on-the-fly alterations to the .map file will be adhered to by  
>> kaMap and
>> rendered into the cache?
>> Thanks,
>> Chris
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