[ka-Map-users] Looking for a very simple panning code (js)

Andreas Delleske delleske at vauban.de
Fri Sep 21 11:44:53 EDT 2007

Dear mapserver-users,

I have admired the ka-map functionality but come to the conclusion
that I'll need only a very simple JavaScript code for my mapserver - I
do not have MapScript.

Could someone please help me with some lines of code who do only the following:

- Mouseclick on the map defines the beginning of a panning operation.
- While the mouse button is pressed, the underlying image (e.g. the
"old" mapimage) is moved with the cursor, maybe cropped to the window
limits of the "old" mapimage
- When letting go the mousebutton,
- the old image should remain at the "new" location (until a new page
is rendered)
- From both coordinates, a panning location (x,y) is calculated and we
run a new GET operation in order to get a new map image.

It should just work like a very simple version of Google Maps. I can
draw a zoom slider outside the image window, but I need the code for

Thank you in advance!

I should have posted this in the normal mapserver group but we have
very low traffic in that group...

Thank you very much in advance!


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