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Luca De Felice defelice.luca at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 09:31:54 EST 2008

Hi all kamappers,
I'm using kamap to develop a webgis for my institutional office and I need to publish a polygonal layer with features that could change every 20 minutes.
But I want to explain better==>The problem is the rendering of the features, because every feature has a attribute, called risk, that could range between 0 and 3, and for each of these values the rendering of features change like this: 
0 white
1 green
2 orange
3 red
As the attribute 'risk' change every 20 minutes, how do I develop kamap with these characteristic properties?
Maybe is it better using a Database like PostGIS?

Thanks a lot for your suggestions

ing. Luca De Felice
Centro Funzionale MeteoIdrologico del Settore Protezione Civile della
Regione Calabria
via Crispi n.19 - 88100 Catanzaro
tel. 0961 531146
fax 0961 531122
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