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Luca De Felice defelice.luca at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 10:04:45 EST 2008

Thank you Luca for your flash answer.
So you are telling me that using the tile_source,redraw_interval and 
refresh_interval metadata for
 the polygonal layer I will fix my problem, but I need to modify the 
attribute 'risk' in my shapefile (for instance modifing the dbf file) every 
20 minutes, Do this cause problem to my webgis application? because the 
mapfile refers to this shapefile.

thanks again

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> Luca De Felice ha scritto:
>> Hi all kamappers,
>> I'm using kamap to develop a webgis for my institutional office and I 
>> need to publish a polygonal layer with features that could change every 
>> 20 minutes.
>> But I want to explain better==>The problem is the rendering of the 
>> features, because every feature has a attribute, called risk, that could 
>> range between 0 and 3, and for each of these values the rendering of 
>> features change like this: 0 white
>> 1 green
>> 2 orange
>> 3 red
>> As the attribute 'risk' change every 20 minutes, how do I develop kamap 
>> with these characteristic properties?
>> Maybe is it better using a Database like PostGIS?
>> Thanks a lot for your suggestions
>> Luca
> Hi Luca,
> You should take a look in the Ominiverdi WIKI, in the Metadata section for 
> the mapfile:
> http://ka-map.ominiverdi.org/wiki/index.php/Mapfile_Metadata_Configuration
> Using the tile_source,redraw_interval and redraw_interval metadata for the 
> polygonal layer, you should do
> what you need.
> Bye
> Luca

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