[ka-Map-users] Suggest of change in map_query.php

Humberto Cereser Ibanez humberto at pastoraldacrianca.org.br
Mon Jul 7 09:58:06 EDT 2008

Hello ka-map users

We suggest a correction in the PHP code in map_query.php (CVS version - 2006-07-27).

Assign a value to the variable $a in line 219
 $oResultCache = $oLayer->getResult($a);
change to:
$oResultCache = $oLayer->getResult($a=0);

This is necessary to queries that works in more than one layer.

When there is more than one layer, the loop in line 230: 
increases the value of $a, which prevents the return of the function $ oLayer-> getResult ($ a)


Humberto Cereser Ibanez
Curitiba - PR - Brazil

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