[ka-Map-users] Regarding To Run PHP Using Jetty 5.1.3 Server

Nagalakshmi Parameswaran nagalakp at hashprompt.com
Tue May 6 00:23:57 EDT 2008

Hello Friends,
                            This is Nagalakshmi. I need to implement 
ka-map concept in our application.
                            For that i need to run PHP in jetty server. 
We are using jetty 5.1.3 server.
                            Can we use CGI Servlets to accomplish this task?
                            If so means, Can u tell me how to write CGI 
Scripts, and the Servlets to call that CGI Scripts?
                            And also Can u tell me where should i put 
those files in jetty Server?
                            Please help me friends..............       
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