[ka-Map-users] deactivate cache system

Emilio Ponce yosoycore at gmail.com
Sat May 17 15:41:05 EDT 2008


I've tried to set the attribute "tile_source" on the layer's metadata
to turn off the cache, but it didn't work. Now I'm doing tests with a
mapfile that only has one layer, a very very simple mapfile. With this

     "tile_source" "nocache"

Do not happens anything. I've read about using "MapServer CGI style
replacement variables" in order to deactivate this cache for my layer.
The manual talks about placing "replacementVariables object " on my
"javascript _Layer object". My question is: where is that javacript
code? what file is? Now I have only the mapfile and the files of the
ka-map's installation.

Thanks, I will appreciate some help about this issue, i'm confused.

2008/5/17 Emilio Ponce <yosoycore at gmail.com>:
> Ok Lorenzo, here's a little background about my work:
> The user has the browser's screen divided in two parts. at the left has a table with different variables, one on each column (all are alphanumeric data). At the right the map.
> I've developed a java class that depending on the column of this table the user choose (population, surface, deaths ...),  rewrites the mapfile. That means that the layer and its geometries are always the same, but not the colours, that change in function of the values of the variable represented.
> The problem is that with the cache I can represent the first variable in the map without problems, but at this point the map becomes static. When I try to represent the second variable, I see the map of the first, I think is normal because the layer is exactly the same (name etc) except by the colours that are different.
> If I turn off the cache, the mapfile is forced to rewrite the layer with new images, and it seems to be a solution, maybe not the best :).. in fact, there's another way forcing ka-map in order to rewrite the images of the layer??
> Sorry for this large e-mail, and thanks everyone!
> 2008/5/17 Lorenzo Becchi <lorenzo at ominiverdi.com>:
>> it's not clear to me what's the link between the caching system and the query system.
>> what kind of query are you doing?
>> Emilio Ponce wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm finishing a web application that uses ka-map, and I have one problem:
>>> The application generates dinamically the code of a unique mapfile, in function of the user queries. My problem is the ka-map cache system, and the browser cache too(mozilla firefox). I have to find the way to deactivated the two caching systems because if I do only one query, it works ok, but the next queries show the map of the first (do not refresh).
>>> Tranks!
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