[ka-Map-users] XMlOverlay problems

Maxime Phaneuf Maxime.Phaneuf at USherbrooke.ca
Fri May 30 11:46:58 EDT 2008

Hello guys.

I'm working on a project to map Mars. I'm using ka-map to do it. All went well
up to now, but I have a problem I can't seem to solve.

I was testing the XMLOverlay. This XML file is working well, what is supposed to
appear is appearing:

 <point x="-124.5" y="68.5" id="p1">
   <symbol shape="bullet" size="30" opacity="1" color="#FF0000" />

The next step for me was to make some linestrings appear. The problem is that
they appear when I first go to the website, but when I refresh that page, they
disappear. Here is the XML file:

	 <point x="-129" y="60" id="l3">
              <linestring  stroke="3" opacity="0.8" color="#FF0000">
	         -129 60, -115 60

At first, everything appears. But, when I reload the page, only the label

I always get this message error when the linestring doesn't appear:
map has no properties
Line 930
var scales = map.getScales();

I try to solved that problem but I cannot see what's the problem.

Also, i'm using firefox to do my testing, but where I'm working it's mostly IE.
But the XMLoverlay doesn't appear in IE. Can you also help me with this

Thank you very much

Maxime Phaneuf

COOP Student
Canadian Space Agency

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