[ka-Map-users] dynamic xml overlay?

Deli Soetiawan crushfire2004 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 10 01:53:20 EDT 2008

hi there,

still new with WebGis and KaMap, i've tried XML Overlay demo and it works  
well, i plan to create something like vehicle tracking using KaXMLOverlay  
for my college works. the concept was to move car icon on XML generated  
data every 1 minute,
however i need to know how dynamically load data works using this xml  

i've read :
and found code:
myInterval = setInterval("myMovingOverlay.loadXml('xmlget.php')",5000);

did it refresh the xml result from xmlget.php every 5 seconds (5000  
miliseconds)? i mean did it really refresh the data (say if there an  
update every 2 seconds)? since i really concerned about data refresh

and what the different if i use this js:
var myInterval = setTimeout("myMovingOverlay.loadXml('xmlget.php')",5000);

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