[ka-Map-users] Error with precache

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at swoodbridge.com
Mon Dec 7 11:39:09 EST 2009

Bistrais, Bob wrote:
> I am trying to build precached tiles for several ka-map applications.  
> For the most part it has gone well, but for some scales I am getting 
> error messages.  The precache.php program appears to run well, then I 
> get the following:
> Trouble:
>   199080 errors encountered
>   Report [a]ll, [l]ast, [n]one?
> So if I report the last error, the message is:
> Failed to open stream http://localhost/…/tile.php 
> <http://localhost/…/tile.php> s=3000&t=-488192&l=632832&map=gmap&g=my+group
> There is plenty of disk storage space available and I don't think I'm 
> overstressing the server.  What does this error mean, and how do I get 
> around it?

1) Check that you have not run out of inodes on the disk.

cd /path/to/cache
touch junk         # if this fails you have run out of inodes
rm junk

while df might report that there is still space on the disk, if you do 
not have anymore inodes then you can not allocate that space for files 
and your disk is full regardless of space.

2) A few years ago when I was using precache.php, there were problems 
with it leaking file some kind of resource that was file related, may be 
file handles. Anyway I could not figure it out and change my strategy to 
tile a few rows, then exit and then ran it for each set of rows needed 
until it was done. This allow the precache.php to run then exit before 
it had problems and allow me to continue processing without having to 
restart from the beginning. I think I probably had to change the script 
to make it do that.

Hope this helps,
   -Steve W

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