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Lorenzo Becchi lorenzo at ominiverdi.com
Tue Feb 3 07:43:31 EST 2009

I love your legend!

as we've been saying in IRC I would like to include it in CVS.
take your time to prepare patches and I'll help you test them.


marco barra wrote:
> Hi all, i've modified kalegend.js, implementing a tree legend, to 
> group layers in subgroups.
> I'm not a javascript guru, but it works fine for my  purposes.
> You can see a simple example, based on spearfish dataset, at 
> You can define the subgroups in the mapfile, using  "subgroup" 
> "aaaa|bbbb|cccc", in metadata section of the layer object.
> Using  "subgroup" "aaaa|bbbb|cccc", the legend looks like
> aaaa
>     bbbb
>         cccc
>             layer
> You can also specfy if a group has to be closed when the application 
> is initialized, using ":c" ;
> so if you use "subgroup" "aaaa|bbbb:c|cccc"
> the legend looks like simply
>  aaaa
>      bbbb
> If more layers belongs to the same subgroup and you want the subgroup  
> closed at startup, there is no need to specify :c for each layers, 
> simply specify :c only for one of them.
> I've also modified  the mechanism to manage layer's minscale/maxscale. 
> Normally if a layer is not visible at current scale, this layer 
> disappear from the legend. But in my opinion, this behaviour can 
> create a  mismatch for an end user. So in my kalegend, when a layer is 
> not visible, it becomes red in legend (as slope and aspect in the 
> demo), and when mouse is over it in the legend a message appears.
> In my kalegend.js I've tagged all my changes to make it clear.
> If someone is interested he can get the code at 
> In the package you will find kalegend.js, kamap.js and init.php (i've 
> modified this last two files only to manage "subgroup" option in 
> layer's metadata).
> For the future i'll develope a system to manage layers drawing order, 
> separated from the main legend, something like a second panel where 
> manage various options, because currently using subgroup you can move 
> only layers inside the subgroup.
> I'm developing/modifying others tools for Ka-map, as you can see at 
>, but they are still 
> in alpha status. There are more problems connected with the use of 
> this tools, the first and most important is related with the managment 
> of them (I've planned to develope a tools manager to solve various 
> problem).
> I'll share them as soon as possible :-).
> Any suggestions, help or problem reporting will be appreciated.
> Cheers Marco
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