[ka-Map-users] Displaying extent in different units than map units?

donny wicaks donnywicaks at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 13 03:27:29 EST 2009

Hi, Bob

perhaps you can try these steps:
1. in your *.map file, set UNITS part into DD and set PROJECTION into 'proj=longlat' like below:
  # Map image size
  SIZE 500 300
  UNITS dd
  FONTSET etc/font.txt
  EXTENT 93.812567 -17.025526 143.016024 12.672460

2. and to display the extent in decimal degrees, perhaps you should change 'Map Units' of your original map data
from 'Meters' into 'Decimal Degrees' 
this can be done by using any GIS software, for example: QuantumGIS
and then, set the same EXTENT in your *.map file and your map data's extent

i hope this helps. 
because it works in my ka-map application, i have map data that are already in 
decimal degree format. and above is my *.map file setting


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I am building an application where all the data is in UTM
meters.  In my .map file, I have the Extent and Units parameters set that way. 
The user would like to see the cursor location and extent displayed in Decimal
Degrees.  Is this possible to do in Ka-Map? 


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