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hi, Rashad

1. to display the two vectors in one group, you can configure your *.map file
in LAYER section, set GROUP part to be whatever group name you want.
for example, you want to name your group as 'vectors', so:
      NAME 'vector1'
      GROUP 'vectors'

and for 'vector2', set in another LAYER section with the same GROUP name:

      NAME 'vector2'

      GROUP 'vectors'


then, in ka-map you'll see both vector1 and vector2 are grouped in one GROUP named 'vectors'.

2. to make the status on and off by default, also you can configure it in your *.map file
in LAYER section, set STATUS to be ON or OFF:
      STATUS ON (or OFF)

if you set STATUS to ON, then the layer will be directly displayed on ka-map activation

hope it helps...  :)

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i have two vector files named vector1 and vector2

how to display both inside a single group and making layer status on and off. the interface should look like this



any help is welcome

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