[ka-Map-users] Performance problems

Jeff Dege jdege at korterra.com
Thu Mar 26 14:23:43 EST 2009

We've a site running KaMap that has run with acceptable performance for
a number of years.  The shapefiles were recently upgraded, and now the
performance sucks.


Looking in the Apache logs, I'm seeing:


   msDrawMap(): Layer 9 (ADDRESS), 125.109s


   msDrawLabelCacheGD(): labelcache_map_edge_buffer  = -40

   msDrawMap(): Drawing Label Cache, 129.358s


If I'm counting correctly, Layer 9 is an annotation layer containing
street addresses that is drawn only at very tight zooms.


When I run shp2img, with the extents closed down so that the address
layer is drawn, I see:


  msDrawMap(): Layer 9  *ADDRESS), 0.532


   msDrawMap(): Drawing Label Cache, 0.547s


Any idea as to why drawing this layer would be so much slower, when done
by KaMap from Apache, than when done by shp2img from the command line?

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