[ka-Map-users] Populate a dropdown from SDE data?

Bistrais, Bob Bob.Bistrais at maine.gov
Tue Oct 20 14:13:13 EST 2009

I have a modified ka-map application which has a list of town names.
When a user selects a town name, the application zooms to that town.
The town boundaries are contained in an SDE layer which is used in the

Right now, the town pick list is hard coded with the town names.  I
would like to populate the list from the town name item in the SDE data
when the application loads.  The reason I want to do this is because
town names in our state can and do change.  Also, I could use this
method with other data where the data changes even more frequently.

Can anyone suggest how to do this?  In particular, I am wondering how to
make the connection to the SDE table from the Ka-Map page.  Of course,
we do this with the .map pages, I'm just not sure how to do it from the
Ka-Map viewer framework.
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