[ka-Map-users] Help on preojection required.

Deepa Thulasidasan deepatulsidasan at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jul 5 02:08:56 EST 2010

Dear All,

I need some help on projection of map file. My problem is as follows, I have a satellite image which is in UTM projection and at the same time I have shape file which is in lat, long projection. When I try to superimpose satellite data and shape file together I am not able to super impose them together. But when I convert shape file (lat, long) to UTM using fgis tool I am able to super impose the data. Instead of using fgis as intermediate tool for this conversion can any one help me on changing the projection in the (.map) file itself. I need to change UTM to lat, long projection.

Awaiting a positiove and early reply.

Thanks in advance.


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